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Thorsten Scheerer composes and produces popular music with an undeniable country and soul attitude as well as software enhanced new music one might call contemporary electroacoustic music in its widest sense.

This is what it sounds like..!

Thorsten Scheerer by Zelsyus

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Thorsten Scheerer by Picture People

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Thorsten Scheerer | About:
Highlights from Thorsten Scheerer's work are not only international album releases with Bel Harbour, Lilienweiss, Kurt von SuSo, and Blue Eye Queue in Germany (formstreng.net, Feiyr, Zimbalam), Austria (office4music.com), UK (october man recordings), and the US (Gnostic Elevator), but also premieres and world premieres all across the globe with Lilienweiss (inter alia in North America, Argentina, Germany, and Serbia).
In 2010 his solo album Piano Pieces was released and the orchestral composition "Fluss" appeared on the Blurred Tapes Sampler No. 1, both published by the British label Cathedral Transmissions.
Thorsten Scheerer started to play classical guitar at the age of twelve, moved forward to lessons in composing and electric guitar playing at the age of sixteen (Mannheim School of Weird Guitar Playing) and finally gigged with a variety of bands of all styles of music from jazz to pop to hard and heavy, too. He studied history of art with a main focus on digital art in Heidelberg and Berlin, Germany. Currently he is senior manager in the financial services sector at a world leading IT consulting company, while continuously going on with composing, producing, and publishing a large variety of music. He lives and works in Frankfurt and Mannheim, Germany.

Solo Album | Piano Pieces:
Piano Pieces Sleeve
Piano Pieces

[p] 2010 by Cathedral Transmissions, UK
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+ Bagatellenlied Teil 1
+ Bagatellenlied Teil 2
+ Bagatellenlied Teil 3
+ Bagatellenlied Teil 4
+ Bagatellenlied Teil 5
+ Bagatellenlied Teil 6
+ Bagatellenlied Teil 7
+ Bagatellenlied Teil 8
+ Florenz 2.2
+ Barcelona 1.3
+ Florenz 3.0
+ Fluss
+ Fluss (Instrumentalversion)
+ Bagatellenlied (Instrumentalversion)
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Fluss (Instrumentalversion) is also available on the Blurred Tapes Sampler No. 1, [p] by Cathedral Transmissions, UK, 2010.

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+ Bandcamp Online Store
SoundCloud | Thorsten Scheerer's Solo Works:

[p] by formstreng.net exclusively via SoundCloud

The "Solo Works" playlist offers a selection of instrumental pieces reflecting a truly broad variety of music composed, arranged, and produced by Thorsten Scheerer.

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