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Kurt von SuSo and Thorsten Scheerer feat. Realiteens

About: Realiteens are Marnie and Marcia. They both love to make movies on their own. They also took part in several film festivals and even won some prizes. They are teenagers. Their favourite movies are "Breakfast At Tiffany's", "Red Riding Hood", and "Pride And Prejudice". Like every other teenager they are not such big fans of school but love hanging out with friends and listening to music.

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Kurt von SuSo & Thorsten Scheerer | Realiteens:

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Album cover art by Netztreu.
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+ Realiteens (Modern Piano Theme)
+ Realiteens (Disco Dance)
+ Realiteens (Title Theme)
+ Realiteens (Modern Piano Theme Karaoke)
+ Realiteens (Disco Dance Karaoke)
+ Realiteens (Interview w/ Kurt von SuSo & ...)
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Kurt von SuSo & Thorsten Scheerer | Realiteens (Modern Piano Theme) – Official Video:
  Location: Mannheim (2012)
Kurt von SuSo & Thorsten Scheerer | Realiteens Behind The Scenes (Bloopers):
  Location: Mannheim (2012)
Kurt von SuSo & Thorsten Scheerer | Realiteens – The Webshow Interview (Long Version):
  Location: Der Rote Salon, Mannheim (2012)

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