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Thorsten Scheerer composes and produces popular music with an undeniable country and soul attitude as well as software enhanced new music one might call contemporary electroacoustic music in its widest sense.

This is what it sounds like..!

Thorsten Scheerer by Zimbardo

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Live In New York | Thorsten Scheerer w/ Lilienweiss & Hettie Barnhill:
60x60 Dance 2008 live performance of "Musette Variation 1.0 For 60 Seconds" on the World Financial Center Winter Garden's stage, New York, USA (November 14th 2008, world premiere).
Event organization by Vox Novus, choreography by Hettie Barnhill, music composed by Lilienweiss (Thorsten Scheerer and Dorothea Herrmann) and Marion Schäuble, arranged and produced by Thorsten Scheerer.

60x60 Dance60x60 Dance
  Location: New York City (2008)

60x60 Dance 2008 DVD & CD Releases:

Musette Variation 1.0 DVD  limited private stock DVD
Lilienweiss live mit Hettie Barnhill: Das Video aus New York – 60 Sekunden live im World Financial Center Winter Garden, [p] by formstreng.net, DE, 2010 (out of stock)

Musette Variation 1.0 CDMusette Variation 1.0 CD  CD
Lilienweiss: Musette Variation 1.0 in drei Sätzen, [p] by formstreng.net, DE, 2008 (out of stock)

Citywatch Office | Interview w/ Thorsten Scheerer:
Citywatch Office is a project of the Frankfurt based artist Sandip Shah. In 2010 he interviewed Thorsten Scheerer for a series of videos featuring personalities from the arts and culture scene of Frankfurt, Germany.
  (available in German language only)

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